Eckel Acoustic

Eckel Acoustic
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From product testing to laboratory research, Eckel has played an integral role in technological advances in science, industry and commerce since 1954. Today, engineers and scientists utilize Eckel anechoic chambers and noise control products to improve the technology that affects our lives and the environment for our future around the globe.

Owl Watch designed this site using content from several disparate, old generation websites that served different countries.  The challenge was to unify the many offerings and data into a single site that would present a global view of their vast products and services and satisfy the needs of all divisions and invite search engines to digest all the rich content associated with Eckel Industries.

Using a CMS framework and several custom extensions, Owl Watch created a punchy slide show for the home page that presents the breadth of their products in a visual way while allowing the visitor to click on a particular link of interest to research further.  This presentation method allows Eckel to really tell their product story without relying on the visitor to have to discover what their looking for, although thats certainly still an option.

Owl Watch's custom extension makes it possible for customers to locate a sales representative easily that is assigned to their particular zip code, making it a snap to connect the right rep to the right client.

All of this was prepared in such a way to allow Eckel Industries to maintain the content on their own using a web based browser.

Owl Watch also seamlessly migrated the e-mail accounts from the disparate systems into a single solution which we continue to manange.

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