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  • [Copy of] How to Leverage Gmail

    This setup is recommended for Owl Watch users that have multiple devices or that want to leverage gmail's generous free storage. Incoming Mail ------------- This involves setting up a gmail account, ...

  • Google Apps

    Google Apps is a service from Google providing independently customisable versions of several Google products under a custom domain name. It features several Web applications with similar functionality ...

  • Social Networking Integration

    ... in your products and services. Most social sites are FREE to join, and there are several ways we can integrate into your website.  ANY social networking integration you need is included FREE OF CHARGE ...

  • Logo Design and Branding

    A logo says everything about you Your logo is like a small billboard for your organization. It immediately identifies your brand message and the people behind your products. At a glance, it conveys a ...

  • King Jewelers, Inc.

    We have been with Owl Watch Consulting Services for many years now and it’s time I let you know how grateful I am for your partnership. You helped us create a user friendly eCommerce web site and continue ...

  • Victor R. DelRegno

    Owl Watch Consulting Services has provided me with many years of continuous superior service and quality execution. My relationship with them goes back to 2003. I have used Owl Watch Consulting for web ...

  • Print

    ... play a vital role in communicating your brand and your products and services to new and existing customers. Though not as important as it once was, print marketing is still a critical ingredient in ...

  • Newsletters

    Most email marketing services charge more money for less product. Owl Watch features lets you grow your Newsletter list for no additional cost with a Joomla! enabled site. Most email marketing services ...

  • Rotomation, Inc.

    We contracted with Owl Watch for a new web site design, and have been pleased with what they have done. We have not yet produced all the content needed, so the site has not been published yet, but Owl ...

  • Analog Devices

    "I would recommend Owl Watch Consulting Services to anyone looking for a professional solution to their IT problem. From concept to delivery and support of software applications, Owl Watch can be relied ...

  • Kim Fabrizio

    Kim brings more than 20 years of operational and business experience to the role of chief of finance and operations, Kim is responsible for all financial activities, as well as several administrative ...

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