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Social Networking Integration

The 'Social Networking & Media' revolution has arrived!

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Let Owl Watch take you to the NEXT level... fully integrating all your social networking sites into a network that works better to drive revenues into your pocket.

We understand the 'viral' nature of sites like Facebook, Twitter & YouTube, and how they can be used to increase the 'buzz' around your facility.   Use these Social Media sites to establish a community for your patrons.  The more avenues you use to get the word out for news, specials, events, awards, customer appreciation, etc. will directly impact interest in your products and services.

Most social sites are FREE to join, and there are several ways we can integrate into your website.  ANY social networking integration you need is included FREE OF CHARGE with any Owl Watch website.  All you have to do is ask!

Owl Watch uses everything from 'Native Modules' to Custom Widgets.  We can link to these sites, or pull feeds from them.

Realize now that the wave of the future quickly becomes a thing of the past.  Let us make this easy for you...start now or you'll be behind in the game!

Logo Design and Branding

A logo says everything about you

Your logo is like a small billboard for your organization. It immediately identifies your brand message and the people behind your products. At a glance, it conveys a high level of professionalism and credibility in the eyes of consumers. And, over time, your logo establishes a sense of quality and trust people come to expect every time they see it.

But logos must be created correctly. Today, consumers are inundated by flashy icons and new brands. The need to create a memorable identity for your company is greater than ever. Without a thoughtful strategy in place, the wrong logo can send out the wrong message and weaken your brand.

Owl Watch possesses the experience and marketing expertise necessary to create inventive, visually stunning logos and brand identities that leave a lasting impression on your audience. We will help you create a logo that attracts the right audience, speaks the right message, and turns your brand into an industry juggernaut. Together, we’ll establish the attitude you want to portray, creating something that consumers remember and that your competition can’t ignore.


Your company identity will follow you everywhere, telling the story of who you are, what your business has accomplished, and where you plan to take your customers. Owl Watch will help you every step of the way, from updating an old logo to developing a whole new brand that corresponds with your company’s current goals. We’ll integrate your message into a consistent design for all your marketing materials so that, at a glance, consumers will know just who you are and how you do it.

Search Engine Optimization

Our search engine optimization service is based on 100% organic natural listings; not pay-per-click or pay for traffic schemes. We use ethical and proven SEO service methods. Our proprietary techniques have never resulted in adverse ranking effects for our clients.


Though not as important as it once was, print marketing is still a critical ingredient in your marketing strategy. Brochures, product catalogs, direct mail, product packaging and trade journal advertising play a vital role in communicating your brand and your products and services to new and existing customers.


Most email marketing services charge more money for less product. Owl Watch features lets you grow your Newsletter list for no additional cost with a Joomla! enabled site.

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