Why Choose Owl Watch?

Many businesses do not have the extra staff available to spend on learning how to design, develop and market a website. This would not be cost effective. Besides, you are too involved with day to day operations of your business to worry about designing a website. If this is your situation, it is time to turn to a professional website designer.

Owl Watch Web Site Designers specialize in creating professional quality designed websites for small businesses and organizations. We recognize the Internet as a cost-effective advertising medium for marketing your products and services to future and present clients.

We have the business experience, artistic talent, technological skills and the expertise to help you establish a strong, highly visible presence on the Internet. We will work with you to establish a domain name and affordable web site storage. Then provide your business with a first class website and continue to build traffic to your website through our promotional packages.

We offer "free" consultations to provide you with a forum to ask your questions and allow us to explain how the Internet can benefit your business.

When you work with us, you get personalized attention -- in fact, you are assigned an account manager on day one, and that person becomes your main point of contact.

We focus on high-quality customer-service -- so we start by giving you the name of a real person who learns about your business, and gets to know you and your organization. And that person is accountable to you, and to Owl Watch.

So, why choose us, when there are so many web companies to select from?

  • SEO - We can demonstrate exceptional results in getting your public website a high organic ranking.   That means your site  will appear when users are searching for your service, product or cause
  • Browser Compatibility - We test all websites in all browsers.  You will not lose market share because 35% of your visitors are still using Internet Explorer 6.   Painfully we ensure that your website or application will be viewable and useable on ALL browsers.
  • Coding Quality - We test all our code to ensure that it adheres to industry standards.  This is extremely important to ensure that your website receives a good ranking in search engines.
  • We sweat the details - We pay attention to the META TAG Description and Keywords to make sure that they are compliant with industry standards.  Again, extremely important to achieve a high SEO rank.
  • You have a direct number to call your account representative -- so you talk to a real person every time you call us.
  • We have quick turnaround -- most updates to web sites occur within 24 hours, and with our Owl Watch CMS developed sites, you have the ability to also make changes if you wish.
  • We're customer centric, and recognize the only reason we are in business is because of people just like you.
  • We understand what it takes to run a business -- time is precious, you need to focus on what you do well - and that means that you need great people to rely on for the other stuff -- such as your web marketing efforts.

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Why Choose Owl Watch?

  • Experience
  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Results

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